Finding the strength to feel vulnerable

Every emotion we experience has a polarity and we are all affected by a continuum of different moods. Yet our society expects us to focus on the positive side of everything, and asks that we be continually on top of our game. Realistically, this is not possible, nor is it helpful for our self-care. Everyone has times of low energy and unpleasant mind states and when we deny ourselves from feeling into our experience, we are potentially missing an opportunity for connection.

The next time you find yourself portraying a persona of invincibility – maybe step back and notice whats happening underneath. Are you as confident as you portray – or are you shielding vulnerable feelings? Remember – its okay to not feel okay.

When you have the courage to lean in and allow yourself to feel vulnerable, you are making a conscious choice to connect with whats truly happening for you. Even though it may feel unpleasant – if you let yourself feel it – maybe you can start to heal it.

July’s Sage self-care project

How do you deal with obstacles you face?

Try recognising ways that you meet obstacles that come up in your daily life.

Do you notice a pattern of instinctively wanting to shut things out and pretend that everything is good?

  • Are you able to soften – when your impulse is to be hard
  • Can you reflect on your own reaction to a situation – rather than focusing on your opinion about it?
  • Could you be generous when you instinctively feel like hoarding?
  • Do you notice your self-talk when faced with an obstacle?
  • Are you able to hear your inner critic for what it is? 

Perhaps you could try:

  • focusing on your breath
  • writing or drawing things down
  • talking to someone 
  • walking in nature

When you experience overwhelming emotions – allow yourself to respond to them. Give yourself permission to cry if you need or tell someone if you are feeling angry. Notice what happens when you acknowledge and identify how you are feeling.

Trust in your strength to feel vulnerable.

If you would like more information on how to incorporate some tools or practices that you could use in your day to day life, please contact me