Sage Practices Wellness Consultancy offers you practical and sustainable tools for self-care and wellbeing

To improve wellbeing in your workplace the key is to prioritise your own self-care

Sage Practices offers a range of wellbeing consultancy services for both individuals and groups. Sage believes that when you actively prioritise your own health and wellbeing – you will be leading a change towards sustained wellness in your workplace.

Introducing Sage Practices

Charlotte Hathaway, Director of Sage Practices, specialises in promoting self-care as the foundation for wellbeing in the workplace. She brings over 25 years experience in occupational health and wellbeing, including extensive experience in leadership coaching in government and safety critical industries such as Transport and Ports. Charlotte offers practical advice on ways to develop sustainable self-care and wellbeing.

Sage Practices wellbeing services include

The Sage Self-Care Project is an online wellbeing support programme offering a range of tools and techniques to foster compassionate resilience. Each month you will be offered a set of practices to integrate into your daily life.

In the workplace, adopting self-care practices on a regular basis helps you enhance your communication skills and your ability to connect with others.

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“Charlotte is the best health and wellbeing expert I have dealt with in my entire 25 year leadership career. She has an eminently strong background in the management of physical health and is truly exceptional in the field of mental health and wellbeing.”

“Charlotte is excellent at explaining the importance of wellbeing and how to prioritise it in your daily work life. She has a very relaxed and engaging style of presentation.”

“What we appreciated most about working with Charlotte was her ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results… and then some.”

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